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Getting Started

This page will help you with setting up frappe-ui in a new project as well as an existing Frappe project.

Quick start

You can quickly setup frappe-ui using frappe-ui-starter. If you already have a Frappe app for which you want to build a frontend you can start with Step 2.

1. Create your Frappe app

bench new-app todo

2. Setup frappe-ui

cd apps/todo
# this will setup a vue project with frappe-ui set up
# inside the frontend directory
npx degit netchampfaris/frappe-ui-starter frontend

Refer frappe-ui-starter for more details.

3. ignore_csrf config

bench --site todo.test set-config ignore_csrf 1

This will prevent CSRFToken errors while using the vite dev server. In production environment, the csrf_token is attached to the window object in index.html for you.

4. Start dev server

cd frontend
yarn dev

The Vite dev server will start on the port 8080. This can be changed from vite.config.js. The development server is configured to proxy your frappe app (usually running on port 8000). If you have a site named todo.test, open http://todo.test:8080 in your browser. If you see a button named "Click to send 'ping' request", congratulations!

If you notice the browser URL is /frontend, this is the base URL where your frontend app will run in production. To change this, open src/router.js and change the base URL passed to createWebHistory.